equipment is worth the investment.

For 30 years, we have been your trusting firefighting equipment provider. We provide you with individualized design options, and exceptional craftsmanship with the highest safety standards and best durability in the market.

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partner to fight fires with.

We have helped 100s of counties battle wildfires for many years. We know that lives are on the line and quality of the tool you use matters. Go with the ones you can trust.

19 Ford F550 Sierra Series
Independence, OR
19 Dodge Ram 5500 Sydney Series
Masonville, NY
18 Dodge Ram 5500 Sierra Series
Scottsdale, AZ
19 Ford F-550 Alpine Series
Gilbert, AZ
International 7400
Kensal, ND
18 Dodge 5500 Alpine Custom
South Salt Lake, UT
Ford F750
Mali, Africa
Dodge 5500 Sierra
Joseph City, AZ
(2) Tatra Urban Interface
Napa, CA
Chevrolet 5500 Wildland
Cudworth, SK CANADA
17 Dodge 5500 Alpine
Draper, Utah
17 Dodge 5500 Sierra (5 of 10)


you as you take risks to protect us.

Outback Apparatus prides ourselves on serving those that trust us for firefighting needs. We don’t forget who help protect our communities every day.  We thank you and plan to provide the tool needed to fight fires.