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 2016 Alpine Dodge Ram 5500         

          Outback has produced two amazing Type 6  Wildland Brush Engines for us.  The craftsmanship is unparalleled and their choice of products being utilized is superior.  We were so extremely pleased with our first engine, we decided to add another to our fleet.  Any future engine purchase will be done at Outback Fire Apparatus, Inc.

- Amanda Godon,  Volcano Creek Enterprises

2004 Ford  F350 Brush Truck

          Thanks for getting the truck to us.  We already have it in service.  We absolutely love it.  It is exactly what we needed.

- Dalton Fire Department

International Type 4

       I thought you might want to see this picture...the first Fire Dept and Fire Truck ever in central Haiti...Thanks for your help.

-Kevin Bither
Haiti Endowment Fund

(2)  2016 Alpine Dodge Ram 5500

             I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your entire staff for a very pleasant experience as we went from an initial "what if" phone conversation, to working out a deal, all the way through production, and ending up with a smooth final delivery.

              Denver Fire Department is now the proud owner of two of your "Alpine" series brush trucks.  Please accept my compliments on your efficient, well thought out product design and also your build quality.  You've obviously had a great deal of experience building this type of vehicle and appear to have reached a nice, clean specification that should be suitable for almost any buyer. I can honestly say that in all my years, specifying and building literally tens of millions of dollars worth of custom fire apparatus, this was the very first time that all I had to do was pick a vehicle from a list and add my stripe color option.  What a treat!

             As our wildland firefighting program here in Denver continues to grow, I look forward to the possibility of doing business with Outback Fire again in the future.  You indicated that your operation is also growing quickly and is exploring opportunities for expansion.  I wish you and your staff all the best as you move forward. 

-  Daniel Freix, Master Mechanic, DFD Fleet Management



2015 Ford F550 Alpine Series Brush Truck

            The Brush truck we purchased was a big hit at all the fires we went on this Summer.  We received a lot of compliments on it and referred a few agencies your direction .

- Scott Clark,  Snohomish County Fire District #5


  2014 Dodge Ram 5500 - Custom Sierra Brush Truck

         Thank you very much for providing us with an awesome fire truck which meets our needs specifically, here at GlaxoSmithKline, Zebulon, NC.  The constant communication and clear objectives you and I established, led to an excellent product delivered in a timely fashion by your staff.  Also, the delivery of the truck went very smooth.  We had to go to a backup plan as the truck wouldn’t fit in our warehouse and the backup plan worked very well.  I would recommend your company to anyone in the market for a new apparatus.

- Nicholas Sebastiani, CSP      GSK       (Pharmaceutical)